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The US Oncology Network is one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncology physicians dedicated to advancing cancer care in America. Like-minded physicians are united through The Network around a common vision of expanding patient access to high-quality, integrated cancer care in communities throughout the nation. Leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices, refined evidence-based medicine guidelines and quality measurements, physicians affiliated with The US Oncology Network are committed to advancing the quality, safety and science of cancer care to improve patient outcomes.

Patients Treated Annually:
Affiliated Physicians: Nearly 1,000
Sites of Care: 370
Radiation Facilities: 
Nearly 100
Active Clinical Trials:
More than 225

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The healthcare industry is poised for change. See how we’re leading the fight to preserve and expand cancer patient access to high quality cancer care.

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Arizona Oncology expands Flagstaff practice to meet growing demand for services in Northern Arizona
iKnowMed named top-performing electronic health record (EHR) for oncology and hematology practices for the fourth consecutive year
  • US Oncology Research : US Oncology Research is now one of the largest community-based research programs in the U.S. Over the years more than 50,000 patients have participated in over 1,200 clinical trials in our program.
  • Advancing the Science of Care : Investigators in The US Oncology Network advance the science of cancer treatment to enhance patient care.
  • Expanding Patient Access to Quality Care : McKesson Specialty Health and The US Oncology Network will align resources to make sure that patients receive the best care.
  • Emphasis on Clinical Integrity : Physicians and clinicians in The US Oncology Network play an integral role in keeping The Network at the clinical forefront
  • Strengthening Community Care : McKesson Specialty Health President, Marc Owen, discusses the strengths of community-based cancer care.
  • Changing Patient Care through the US Oncology Research Network : Dr. Daniel Von Hoff highlights the commitment of the US Oncology Research Network investigators
  • Science as the Foundation of Level I Pathways  : Hear the excitement surrounding evidence-based medicine in the oncology industry.
  • New Technology – The Key to Advancing Cancer Care : See How Technology Can Impact the Many Aspects of Cancer Care for the Better
  • How does a nurse practitioner take care of their patients : A nurse practitioner gives her account of how she cares for patients undergoing chemotherapy.
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