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An open letter from the physicians of The US Oncology Network 

Dear fellow oncologists and cancer care providers,
As physicians, we are all dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality cancer care to our patients. However, in this ever-changing economic environment, there are issues that need to be addressed to help solve the nation’s healthcare crisis, allowing us to continue delivering the care patients deserve.
We, the physicians affiliated with The US Oncology Network, believe that oncologists need to drive practical solutions, such as raising the understanding and importance of value-based reimbursement, where physicians are measured based on the quality of the care they provide to a payer’s membership through evidence-based medicine and quality metrics and not necessarily on the quantity of care provided. In other words, getting paid for good results at a lower cost.
We are joining with other community oncologists to weigh in on topics like these and would like to invite you to our live events to participate in dialogues such as value-based reimbursement and what it means to the future of oncology. We want to connect with other forward-thinking physicians so we all can be at the forefront of advancing cancer care in America. These discussions are critical for the future of community oncology and the quality of cancer care patients receive. Our experience within one of the largest networks of cancer care and research professionals is that through collaboration and healthy debate, great change can be made. We are excited about what we can do for healthcare together.
Value-based reimbursement will be the first of many topics significant to oncology, and we hope you join us to discuss an issue that affects millions of Americans and their families. To participate in the discussion, visit for a complete schedule of live events, where you can comment at any time or join us for a specific live event.
Best regards,
The US Oncology Network National Policy Board Executive Committee:
     John Fleagle, MD, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
     Thomas Flynn, MD, Minnesota Oncology
     David Fryefield, MD, Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center
     Edward George, MD, Virginia Oncology Associates
     Leonard Kalman, MD, Advanced Medical Specialties
     Vivek Kavadi, MD, Texas Oncology
     Michael Kolodziej, MD, New York Oncology Hematology
     Gregory Patton, MD, Northwest Cancer Specialists
     Steven Paulson, MD, Texas Oncology
     Ellen Smith, MD, Texas Oncology
     Nini Wu, MD, New York Oncology Hematology 
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