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Wilshire Oncology Medical Group and US Oncology Unite to Expand and Enhance Cancer Patient Services in SoCal

Physicians join network of more than 1,000 oncologists focused on delivering high-quality, evidence-based medicine to cancer patients across the country. Collaborative expertise will advance cancer research and patient access to high quality cancer care in Southern California
Los Angeles, Calif. and The Woodlands, Texas (Sept. 20, 2010) Wilshire Oncology Medical Group, Inc., a physician-owned, multi-specialty cancer and blood disease practice in Southern California, and US Oncology, Inc., the nation’s leading integrated oncology company, today announced a new collaboration in Southern California to expand patient access to high-quality, advanced cancer care through the United Network of US Oncology.

Wilshire Oncology Medical Group and US Oncology share a common vision for high-quality cancer care through the use of evidence-based medicine, clinical research and the application and use of healthcare technology. Wilshire Oncology Medical Group has entered into a Comprehensive Strategic Alliance relationship with US Oncology to bring the shared expertise of both organizations to more cancer patients throughout the nation.

“We are excited to join a nationwide network of more than 1,000 oncologists who share the same vision as we do about high quality cancer care based on evidence-based medicine and proactive patient support,” said Linda Bosserman, M.D., FACP, practice president, Wilshire Oncology Medical Group. “We have been leaders in Southern California in delivering documentable high-quality and cost-effective cancer care. By joining the United Network of US Oncology, we can unite with like-minded physicians from across the country to share our expertise and make an impact on the quality of care.”

“Adding Wilshire Oncology to the United Network of US Oncology makes our network stronger and brings the power of a nationwide oncology care network to Southern California” said Roy A. Beveridge, M.D., executive vice president and medical director of US Oncology. “They have a premier cancer care team of exceptionally trained, dedicated and compassionate people. It’s a win, win, win situation – because ultimately, cancer patients today and those diagnosed in the future will benefit from this new relationship.”

Wilshire Oncology Medical Group is an 11-physician medical practice with 11 mid-level specialists serving eight treatment centers. Located in Southern California, Wilshire Oncology Medical Group has facilities in: Pasadena, Glendora, West Covina, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Colton, Corona and Riverside. The group’s physicians and staff offer extensive patient care and services including medical oncology and hematology, radiation, psycho-oncology, nuclear oncology and clinical research. Under this new relationship with US Oncology, patients treated for cancer at Wilshire Oncology Medical Group will have access to US Oncology’s vast patient services including clinical trials matching, Patient Assistance Support to help qualified patients gain access to financial assistance, proactive patient support calls from trained nurses who check in on patients between physician visits, use of the Cancer Treatment Tool on Wilshire Oncology’s website, access to the tools and resources of CURE Magazine, and the comfort of knowing their physician is part of a nationwide network of physicians who collaborate on tough cases to bring the best care to patients in their own communities.

The alliance with US Oncology also gives Wilshire Oncology physicians access to healthcare information technology and physician services that connect them with a nationwide network of oncologists focused on improving cancer care. The Oncology Portal, a member-driven online community, helps physicians provide better patient care by facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration and shared best practices. Wilshire Oncology will continue use of its electronic medical record, and expand its clinical research program with US Oncology, while maintaining its longstanding relationship with UCLA TORI research and other research networks.

“Being a leader in developing and delivering accessible, state of the art, innovative and affordable cancer care to our communities is extremely important to us at Wilshire Oncology,” said Dr. Bosserman. “We have been approached by several oncology practices in Southern California who share our commitment to expand quality services. Through this new affiliation with US Oncology, we can now reach out to colleagues to expand comprehensive services to patients, as well as unite practices in the Southern California area to facilitate innovative comprehensive cancer care programs for the payer communities. We know payers are looking for programs to ensure their members receive appropriate personalized cancer care in a field that is continually bringing more specific options for treatments, and they are looking for cancer care coordination among the many specialists. The shared commitment to specialized technology, practice support and care management backed by US Oncology’s national network of cancer experts will benefit Southern California cancer patients and payers. That’s why we joined the United Network. We see this as an opportunity to work with our oncology colleagues and payers to improve outcomes and costs for our patients, and create an overall better cancer care experience.”

About Wilshire Oncology Medical Group
Wilshire Oncology Medical Group has eight treatment centers dedicated exclusively to the cancer patient. Since the group’s founding in 1957, its staff has pioneered community-based cancer care. Wilshire Oncology Medical Group physicians, mid-level providers, treatment nurses and support staff works with the patient, his/her primary physician and hospital, as well as the patient’s family to select and deliver the best treatment for each individual.

About US Oncology
US Oncology, Inc. is the nation’s leading integrated oncology company. By uniting the largest community-based cancer treatment and research network in America, US Oncology expands patient access to high-quality care and advances the science of cancer care. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, US Oncology is affiliated with more than 1,300 community-based oncologists, and works with patients, hospitals, payers, and the medical industry across all phases of the cancer research and delivery continuum. By promoting the use of innovative technology, clinical research, evidence-based medicine and shared best practices, US Oncology improves patient outcomes and offers a better patient experience. For more information, visit

About United Network of US Oncology
US Oncology unites the nation’s largest network of community-based oncology physicians through the United Network of US Oncology. These like-minded physicians are united around a common vision of expanding patient access to high-quality cancer care in communities throughout the nation. Leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices, refined evidence-based medicine guidelines, and quality measurements, physician members of the United Network of US Oncology are committed to advancing the quality, safety, and science of cancer care to improve patient outcomes.

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