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Physician Leadership & Participation
US Oncology Research physicians across the country collaborate and share best practices — both virtually and in person. US Oncology Research physicians have many research leadership opportunities, including the ability to become a study principal investigator, a site research leader, or a member of a disease committee.
Working alongside an experienced and focused network of investigators, physicians can also discuss patient treatment options with nearly 1,000 oncology specialists through the eTumor Boards and participate with key thought leaders at the annual US Oncology Research conference.

US Oncology Research Physician Leadership
Michael Seiden
Chief Medical Officer 
Nicholzas Vogelzang
Executive Medical Director 
Nicholas DiBella
Chair, Research Investigators Council
Program Chairs
Breast Cancer
Joyce O’Shaughnessy
Robert Rifkin
Developmental Therapeutics
C. Lance Cowey
Morris Groves

Gastrointestinal Cancer
Donald Richards

Genitourinary Cancer
Thomas Hutson
Gynecologic Cancer
Michael Bookman
Hematologic Cancer
Jeff Sharman 
Lung Cancer
Craig Reynolds
David Smith
Translational Oncology Program
Daniel Von Hoff

Radiation Therapy
Vivek Kavadi

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  • US Oncology Research : US Oncology Research is now one of the largest community-based research programs in the U.S. Over the years more than 50,000 patients have participated in over 1,200 clinical trials in our program.
  • Advancing the Science of Care : Investigators in The US Oncology Network advance the science of cancer treatment to enhance patient care.
  • Expanding Patient Access to Quality Care : McKesson Specialty Health and The US Oncology Network will align resources to make sure that patients receive the best care.
  • Emphasis on Clinical Integrity : Physicians and clinicians in The US Oncology Network play an integral role in keeping The Network at the clinical forefront
  • Strengthening Community Care : McKesson Specialty Health President, Marc Owen, discusses the strengths of community-based cancer care.
  • Proving Outcomes with Health Information Technology : Health Information Systems make it possible to prove outcomes in a large patient population
  • Changing Patient Care through the US Oncology Research Network : Dr. Daniel Von Hoff highlights the commitment of the US Oncology Research Network investigators
  • Healthcare Technology Enhancing Quality Patient Care : Improving patient care and safety with an electronic health record
  • What is iKnowMed : How iKnowMed stands out from other Electronic Health Record systems
  • Enabling Personalized Medicine through Network Collaboration : Delivering personalized, precision medicine with the US Oncology Research Network
  • Solutions for the Independent Oncology Practice : Learn how US Oncology can provide varying levels of support to community oncology practices
  • Addressing the Complexities of Cancer Care with an EHR : How an EHR can improve patient care
  • Community Clinical Trials Essential in Delivering Evidence-based Medicine : Learn how evidence-based medicine is impacted by research conducted in the community setting
  • Physician Collaboration to Advance the Science of Cancer Care  : Learn how cross-country collaboration is made possible through the United Network of US Oncology
  • Benefits of Participating in a Nationwide Physician Network : A large network makes it possible to collaborate with experts across the nation on a daily basis
  • Research Needed for Community Oncology to Thrive : Offering Research in the community oncology setting benefits patients
  • Advocating for Pay-for-Performance Opportunities as a United Network : Pay-for-Performance is most likely to happen for a United Network
  • Validating the Value of Level I Pathways : Understanding How Evidence Based Guidelines for Cancer Care Are Developed and What They Mean
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