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We Practice Patient-Centered Care

The US Oncology Network knows that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all cancer care.
Every cancer is different, and so is every patient. That’s why the practices in The Network are dedicated to providing integrated, personalized care.
Integrated Services Provide Comprehensive Care
Cancer treatment can involve a number of medical services. The US Oncology Network integrates them, bringing together the experts necessary to diagnose diseases and develop individualized treatment plans. We then go a step further and include educational resources that make coping with the disease easier. Patients and their families receive complete care that meets their special needs — often under one roof.

From diagnostics to medical oncology, from radiation to clinical research, practices in The Network unite all of the skills necessary to provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive care:

• Proven Treatment Plans
Level I Pathways, the proprietary evidence-based treatment guidelines of The US Oncology Network, are developed by oncologists in The Network and other cancer specialists and continually updated based on the latest evidence and ongoing research. They provide physicians the most clinically sound and up-to-date information available for developing treatment plans. 
• Clinical Trial Participation
At any given time, affiliated practices have more than 225 active clinical trials. Physicians in The Network participate in this research in locations throughout the country. 
• Drug Management
Because we are committed to maintaining the safety and authenticity of cancer pharmaceuticals, we proudly lead the industry in adopting diligent drug security standards. We provide oncology practices expert pharmaceutical support so that patients receive the quality care they deserve. 
• Technology
Healthcare IT solutions make it easy to analyze cancer care across the network to determine best practices, improve clinical efficiency and continually advance treatment options.
Backed by these resources, physicians in The US Oncology Network can customize a care plan to meet your patient’s specific needs.

Personalized Care
The US Oncology Network physicians are leaders in bringing advanced diagnostics and targeted therapies to patients across America. With nearly 1,000 oncologists collaborating to fight cancer nationwide — patients win.

• Shared Expertise
The Oncology Portal and its eTumor Boards provide physicians with access to the collective knowledge of cancer care experts across The Network. This unprecedented sharing of expertise means your patients benefit from the knowledge and experience of oncologists across the nation.
• Phase I Trial Focus
The Translational Oncology Program (TOP) addresses the special challenges of Phase I clinical trials, including increased safety concerns and more complex trial designs. With TOP, our goal is to advance new cancer therapies and deliver them to patients as early as possible. 
• Targeted, State-of-the-Art Therapies
Cancer therapies today are smarter, safer and more targeted toward each patient’s needs than ever before. Through molecular genetic testing, scientists can determine which tumors will respond to specific therapies and which ones won’t. We don’t have all the answers yet, but through our targeted research clinical trials, we’re getting more answers every day, and that means better therapies to help your patients heal better, faster.
• Physician Excellence
The US Oncology Network physicians are second to none in the depth of their knowledge and commitment to high-quality patient care. In their practices, they make all clinical and treatment policy decisions. Their participation in The Network affords them continual opportunities to interact with peers and sharpen their skills. Their access to clinical trials helps keep them at the forefront of treatment breakthroughs.
• Dedication to Improved Patient Care
With physician committees focused on cancer center services, clinical leadership and public policy, The US Oncology Network continually improves service to patients and their families. Other areas of focus — including blood and marrow transplantation, clinical research, pharmacy, and radiation — demonstrate their dedication to providing targeted, state-of-the-art care.

Ready to Refer a Patient?
Our Find a Physician tool lets you search our network for doctors and practices that are in or near your community. Want to find out if a physician you know is in The US Oncology Network? You can also search by physician name.

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