How we help practices thrive

We offer a variety of ways for an oncology practice to become part of The US Oncology Network to gain the many benefits our organization provides.  Practices can choose the affiliation model that best meets their needs and goals.

Affiliation Models:

  • Comprehensive Strategic Alliance (CSA) 

In the CSA model, practices work with The Network to enable the success of the entire practice. Physicians maintain their independence, but get the support of a management company that has deep expertise in practice management.

  • Radiation Joint Venture (JV) Model

In the joint venture model, practices and The Network each own a share of a radiation oncology asset and split the technical fees that result from that asset. The joint venture model aligns incentives and economic interests as well as provides operational and strategic advantages for partners.

Both models enable several benefits for physician partners:

  • Independence: Physicians retain ownership of their practices and control over how they practice
  • Innovation: Access to innovative solutions and tools that span practice operations and patient care
  • Alignment: Business agreements that align incentives for us to win together
  • Community: Involvement in a community of physicians dedicated to a common purpose