Patient Story

Dennis Seifert

In 2008, Dennis Seifert was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer that had spread to his lungs. Feeling little hope, and anger at the fact that cancer had chosen him, Mr. Seifert decided to pursue treatment at Minnesota Oncology where he met Dr. Noel Laudi. “Dr. Laudi took me under his wing and was willing to work with me. He gave me hope,” Mr. Seifert says.

Treatment for Mr. Seifert’s cancer was aggressive. He underwent 14 different surgeries, was part of a clinical trial, and was treated with chemotherapy for three and a half years. In 2011 he was declared cancer free.

He now sees Dr. Laudi for follow-up scans to make sure that the cancer has not returned and volunteers regularly at Minnesota Oncology. “My experience with Minnesota Oncology has been unbelievable. I know there’s no one better out there.”