Patient Story

Guy Corrado

In 2010, Guy Corrado was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer and his tumor was successfully removed. In 2011, he noticed blood in his urine and even after several visits to the hospital, no one could figure out the reason. A year later, Mr. Corrado chose to make an appointment with Nicholas Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP, medical oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. Upon further testing and examination, he was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer that metastasized to his femur, descending aorta and lungs. He was immediately put on a treatment plan.

From the first appointment, he felt comfortable with his new care team and was impressed by Dr. Vogelzang’s incredible attention to detail; his compassion, care, sincerity, and intellect. He added, “my father was a successful doctor in Washington who was well respected by his patients and colleagues. With such great bedside manner and incredible scientific knowledge, Dr. Vogelzang reminds me of my father.”

With Dr. Vogelzang’s and his team’s assistance, Guy is feeling great and continues to receive an hour-long treatment once every two weeks. “I feel so lucky to have lived as long as I have because statistically, I should not be here today. I give all the credit for that to Dr. Vogelzang and the team at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada.” Mr. Corrado is still working as a substitute teacher.