Patient Story

Jim Asbell

In 2015, Jim Asbell was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer that had spread to his lungs and liver. Mr. Asbell chose Bruce W. Porterfield, MD, PhD at Arizona Oncology as his medical oncologist. While Mr. Asbell understood that treatment may not be successful he said “Dr. Porterfield understood my situation and took into consideration my overall wellbeing. He presented a treatment plan that I was comfortable with."

The Arizona Oncology site where he receives treatment is only six miles from Mr. Asbell’s home in Green Valley, Arizona. “If I were to receive treatment in Tucson, it would have taken half a day to drive there and back.” Mr. Asbell said “receiving treatment nearby helped in my decision to choose Arizona Oncology.”

Jim has come to know the staff at Arizona Oncology well, saying that his nurses are “kind, respectful, caring and have a great sense of humor.” He added, “Everyone at the office is fantastic, even the front desk is tremendous.”

While chemotherapy was successful initially, the cancer has since mutated and began to grow again. There is no current cure for Mr. Asbell’s cancer, but his, and his physician’s, goal is for him to live well for as long as possible. With Dr. Porterfield’s assistance, Jim is now undergoing clinical trials.

Mr. Asbell is a published author, blogger and inspirational speaker, doing talks on living with cancer at Arizona Oncology and a local university.