Patient Story

Lynda Posgay

Lynda Posgay was diagnosed with two different types of breast cancer within a five year time period. In May 2011, Lynda was first diagnosed with Stage I, HER2-positive breast cancer and just 6 months before her five years milestone, she was diagnosed with Stage II, HER2-negative breast cancer. Linda wasn’t sure what to think “Could it be scar tissue? Could it be the excess fluid that needs to be drained? Or could the cancer have come back?” But the biopsy determined her worst fears; not only was the cancer back but it was way more aggressive than it had ever been before.

Through it all, she chose Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada where she was treated under the attentive care of Allen Heather, MD, FACP, medical oncologist, Michael Anderson, MD, radiation oncologist, and Margaret Terhar, MD, FACS, breast surgeon. To show her friends and family that she is a true fighter, and won't let cancer define her, Lynda ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in May during treatment. Here at Comprehensive, we are honored to be able to help Lynda to keep running.