Texas Center for Proton Therapy

  • Location Information

1501 West Royal Lane
Irving, TX 75063

P: 469-513-5500

Texas Center for Proton Therapy is creating hope for more cancer patients by providing patients with the most advanced proton therapy in Texas.

  • Proton therapy is a highly targeted, precise radiation therapy that is especially effective for tumors in sensitive areas – the advanced technology includes pencil-beam scanning for intensity modulated proton therapy and cone beam CT imaging designed to treat tumors with pinpoint precision and minimize side effects.
  • The center has two isocentric gantry treatment rooms to treat tumors with pinpoint accuracy, a fixed beam treatment room, and features some of the most advanced PET/CT and 3-Tesla MRI scanning and imaging technology.
  • The center’s central location in Irving, Texas, is convenient for those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and provides easy access to airports for patients traveling longer distances.