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The US Oncology Network is a worldwide leader in cancer research, and many practices in The Network offer their patients a chance to participate in some of the most advanced clinical trials available today. Clinical trials provide patients the opportunity for a better outcome and quality of life, while playing a vital role in the fight against cancer. These novel trials are usually only available in major academic medical centers or hospital systems located in large cities, but practices in The US Oncology Network make them accessible to patient’s right in their local communities where they have the support of family and friends.

Watch the video to hear how the ability to offer clinical trials has made a difference in patient care for practices in The Network. 

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World-Class Research Close To Home

Practices in The US Oncology Network have:

  • Offered more than 1,500 clinical trials to their patients
  • Enrolled more than 70,000 patients in clinical trials in communities across the country
  • Contributed to 70 FDA-approved cancer therapies, approximately one-third of all FDA-approved oncology therapies

At any one time, more than 300 trials are in progress across The Network for many cancer diagnoses. Visit our research site to see if there is a trial available that might help you.

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