US Oncology Research

US Oncology Research is one of the largest community-based oncology research programs in the United States, specializing in oncology clinical trials.

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US Oncology Research is comprised of nearly 900 experienced investigators committed to the development of new and novel therapies in the fight against cancer. When involved with US Oncology Research, you and your patients have access to groundbreaking clinical trials right in your community. Find a clinical trial at a practice near you.

Physicians affiliated with US Oncology Research have enrolled more than 60,000 patients in nearly 1,400 clinical trials and have played a role in more than 50 FDA-approved cancer therapies, nearly one-third of all cancer therapies approved by the FDA to date.

FDA Approved Cancer Therapies

 Abraxane®  Bexxar®  Faslodex®  Iressa®  Provenge®  Velcade®
 Afinitor®  Campath®  Gazyva®  Ixempra®  Rituxan®  Vidaza®
 Agrylin®  Camptosar®  Gemzar®  Kadcyla®  Sprycel®  Votrient®
 Alimta®  Cometriq®  Halaven®  Mylotarg®  Sutent®  Xeloda®
 Aranesp®  Cyramza®  Herceptin®  Neulasta®  Tarceva®  Xgeva®
 Arimidex®  Doxil®  Hycamtin®  Neupogen®  Tasigna®  Zevalin®
 Aromasin®  Eloxatin®  Imbruvica®  Nexavar®  Taxotere®  Zometa®
 Arzerra®  Erbitux®  Ibrance®  Odomzo®  Tykerb®  Zydelig®
 Avastin®  Farydak®  Inlyta®  Promacta®  Vectibix®  Zykadia

Leadership in bringing new therapies to patients battling cancer

Since 2013, physicians affiliated with US Oncology Research enrolled:
  • The first patient in the world for six trials: 13006 ALK + lung, 12232 Ovarian, 13012 aPDL 1 lung, 12179 HR + Breast
  • The first patient in the United States for six additional trials: 12119 CML, 13019 TN Androgen, 13094 Ph 1b, 13143 Ph 1b